Account Management

Our services include invoicing, account management (private health funds, WorkCover, TAC, Medicare etc) and debt collection, all of which is fully transparent through our clear and detailed reporting.

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Detailed Reporting

ABG provides the following reports to ensure you always know your financial position:

  • Fortnightly payment reports and commission statements
  • Quarterly debt collection reports
  • Quarterly BAS reports
  • Annual end of financial year statements
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Since 1993

Why choose Anaesthetic Billing Group?

At Anaesthetic Billing Group, we make anaesthetic billing straightforward and hassle-free. We understand how busy you are, and that the time-consuming nature of the billing process can mean it’s a task that you struggle to balance with the most important aspect of your job – caring for your patients.

Outsourcing your anaesthetic billing means that you don’t need to create and send invoices, reconcile accounts or chase unpaid invoices at the end of a long day. At Anaesthetic Billing Group, we take care of your admin and billing with a professional service that’s tailored to your needs and includes:

  • Fast, accurate billing: we use the ECLIPSE system to ensure your billings are in your bank account fast.
  • Direct payment to your account: we’re only paid once you receive funds.
  • A debt follow-up service: we’ll liaise with the health funds on your behalf regarding any overdue claims.
  • Comprehensive reporting: we provide detailed ongoing reporting on accounts payable and receivable.
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